Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TOMS: Shoes for Tomorrow

TOMS Case Study


Sally Chia said...

Hi girls,

I cannot express in words just how this presentation really got my excited about our future careers.

I am astounded at how TOMS was developed. In today's corporate America, very few people think about Charity and Profit in the same sentence. I loved how you made the experience unique for us. I also loved that you invited someone in our very own campus to talk about her contributions.

One of the most interesting things I found in your presentation is the target audience. At this point, there are the shoes for the everyday consumers (like ourselves) who look for fashion. Then, there are the people in need, who need a different pair of shoes to fit their lifestyle. I really enjoyed how you uncovered the differences that TOMS made for each of its target audience. They are LITERALLY customized to fit their feet.

I think talking about Bobs (haha) really made me think about how this industry has become less creative. You guys where right in saying that they aren't even shameful about it. People copy ideas from each other all the time, tweaking it to fit their needs. It really was interesting to learn that Sketchers, such a huge shoe maker, would simply COPY the entire campaign and redistribute it.

You guys did an awesome job!

Lauren Damone said...

Fantastic presentation and case study!

As an owner of a couple pairs of TOMS I've often wondered if a pair really was donated and where the shoes went to. I was very happy to learn that a second pair is indeed given to a child in need.

I really enjoyed learning about the history of TOMS. It's always nice to hear a story of someone dedicated their life and job to a cause.

I have to say I've very surprised Sketcher's didn't receive more criticism with their BOBS line. Not only does the line lack creativity but it's outright theft of an idea. I'm curious if Blake Mycoskie or someone associated with TOMS has ever made a statement about it.

Also, it was very interesting to hear from the campus rep. She brought an interesting angle to your presentation and I'm going to look up the club!


alliance one said...

TOMS offers several vegan styles as well. The company name is derived from the word "tomorrow," and evolved from the original concept, "Shoes for Tomorrow.

Brittany Lorenz said...

Hi Girls,

I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed your presentation and have been sporadically laughing at the concept of “BOBS” for the past twenty-four hours.

This presentation was relevant to us as college students because TOMS have become very popular over the past few years, and although I understood its overall message, I’m happy to have a deeper understanding of the product and its mission. I had no idea that TOMS was derived from the phrase “Shoes for Tomorrow” until this case study.

In terms of presentation, your group utilized media extremely effectively. I am a huge fan of Matisyahu’s “One Day” and have listened to it many times over the past couple years, but I got chills watching your video that featured it in the background. Your group was able to effectively relay the message of TOMS to the rest of the class by not only describing the project, but also by featuring videos that enabled us to feel and understand the true message of TOMS shoes.

I agree with Sally that this presentation made me excited for the future and happy to be in the public relations program at Penn State. It’s amazing what an impact TOMS has had throughout the world, and this is largely due to the promotion of the brand and its message. This presentation inspired me that one day I might be able to promote a good cause like this and use this career field to make a difference in the world.

Ari Morris said...

Catie and Lauren,
Excellent job on your presentation! As an avid TOMS lover, I was happy to listen to your discussion on the TOMS campaign. I think the PSU TOMS rep was a great addition to the presentation. She seemed to be very knowledgeable about TOMS true mission.

I think my favorite part was talking about the BOBS campaign. Also, I am an avid TV watcher, so I have seen many BOBS commercials and have always wondered what TOMS thought of these shoes. Hopefully BOBS will crash soon because it is pretty much an embarrassment to the industry!

Awesome job guys!!

Morgan Ghinassi said...

Hi Girls,

I loved your presentation both in the way you presented and the style of your paper hand-in. It was very professional and informative.

As a member of Generation Y, I am part of the audience that TOMS targets. I have known the general mission of TOMS, one pair donated for every pair bought, but I did not know the scope of the campaign and all of the details that went into it.

I thought that their tactic A Day Without Shoes, was an awesome idea used to bring everyone together for the cause.

As a result of learning so much about TOMS from your campaign and through the touching videos you presented, I am very anxious to buy my first pair! (Not BOBS) :)

Great job, girls!

Danielle Tawil said...

Tom's Case Study,

First off, very well done! Your presentation was very clear and interesting. I had no idea how the Tom's company functioned. Before, I was unwilling to buy their shoes because of the price, but now that I know where the money is going, I am going to buy them!

What interested me the most about your analysis was what the critics had to say. They echoed the same questions I had when I was listening the presentation. How often are they going to be going back into these communities to redistribute new shoes? How are the local businesses being affected? Why are the adults not given shoes as well?

I don't want all of these questions to discredit Tom's efforts, because I think what they have accomplished is incredible. I was close to tears during the presentation! I just hope that the Tom's organization is keeping all of these details in mind to make sure they are helping these communities as much as possible and not hurting them.


Sara Caterina said...

Hi Girls,

Great job on your presentation and case study! What I think is so awesome about this campaign is the fact that TOMS is making a difference as it makes a profit. I feel as though this is the direction our nation is moving towards. It is the "in" thing to be involved with philanthropies, which is probably the best trend that could ever exist because that means that consumers are drawn to trends and products that are connected to a good cause. What person doesn't like to help someone in need, especially if it means they get something in return? TOMS does this perfectly. People get a pair of shoes and know they're giving a pair of shoes to a child in need. This is probably why we're taught in PR to connect our business or campaigns with a community service event to gain media exposure. People like philanthropy.

I thought your presentation was very detailed also. You really covered all your bases and had a complete project. You knew the different types of shoes and how the shoes differed between the ones sold in America and the ones given to the children. Your expert on campus, Lauren, was also a great addition. I think it really encouraged some of us to get involved with TOMS. BOBS is hilarious also. I can't believe that campaign exists. I wonder how TOMS feels about it? I would be interested to see if BOBS affected TOMS sales at all.

You both knew the backlash your company has gotten as well, which I thought was a nice addition because for every campaign, there are people who disagree with it. I liked that you were able to rebuttal this backlash with facts that made them false accusations.

Overall, I thought it was a great presentation. Hey, maybe I'll even buy myself a pair of TOMS now.

katie said...

hey girls!

let me start by saying that this was my FAVORITE study conducted in our class! so interesting, and definitely a topic that i can relate to.

as an avid toms shoes wearer, it was so interesting to see how they shoes were created to be the "shoes of tomorrow."

i had no idea how involved the creators of toms were with the distribution and the areas in which they donate the shoes. really an amazing thing to see these days! also, i really enjoyed how you guys explained why the price of the shoes is so high! i would always say it goes to a good cause, but now that i know the story behind it, i will be able to encourage people to buy toms with more information.

something else i really enjoyed was how you two also told us about TOMS eyewear! i had no idea that TOMS was promoting this new product. it really is amazing to see (no pun intended) how TOMS is looking to help people all over the world conquer all different types of problems.

great secondary research! haha sketchers is definitely doing a great thing by looking to give back, but they could have been at least a little more creative! HAHA

great job though :)
ps. i really do want to join the club!

Giulia Carando said...


I truly think you did an outstanding job. I really enjoyed the way you presented this case study by giving us a complete picture.

It was extremely interesting to see how Blake Mycoskie came up with this genius idea and the tactics he used to make the campaign and the company extremely successful. I think this case is a pillar study for future entrepeneurs because it shows how a great idea associated with important social values can be the core value of a profitable business. I appreaciated how you girls uncovered the way TOMS developed its communication campaign through word of mouth as thier main strategy. I thought the partnership with AT&T for the ad campaign, and the use of campus representatives are outstanding tactics.
I would have liked to see a bit more about their annual revenue and how they allocate their resources; this would have helped me analyze how certain decisions are made.
Overall amazing job!

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