Monday, March 16, 2009

My NHL: Re-Branding the National Hockey League

Case Study by Jess Mikula and Han Ma

Situation Analysis

September 16, 2004 marked the start of the 2004-2005 National Hockey League (NHL) lockout, a labor dispute which resulted in the cancellation of the 88th season of the NHL. Lasting 310 days, the lockout was the first time that a major North American professional sports league canceled an entire season due to a labor dispute. For the first time since 1919, the Stanley Cup was not awarded.

The league attempted to convince the NHL Players Association (NHLPA) to accept a salary structure in order to guarantee teams what the league deemed “cost certainty.” On July 21, 2004, the NHL presented the NHLPA with six different options for cost certainty. The NHLPA rejected all six options, preferring to keep the system in place where players negotiate with teams on an individual basis. Teams had control over how much they wanted to spend on their players. However, several teams had declared bankruptcy. The NHL wanted to guarantee a competitive balance among all teams rather than give the more wealthy franchises an unfair advantage.

There was a series of meetings held between the NHL and the players association in which the sides exchanged proposals, but both sides remained deadlocked on the issue. The league and NHLPA exchanged a series of offers and counter-offers before NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sent a letter on February 15, 2005, with a final proposal and a deadline of 11:00 a.m. the following day. The players association presented a counter-offer, which the NHL rejected. Bettman announced the official cancellation of the 2004-2005 season on February 16, 2005.

The sides reconvened in June to prevent the cancellation of another season. On July 13, 2005, the league and NHLPA reached a deal in principle, meaning no contract was officially signed. Both the league and players association wanted to make the announcement that day because it was the only day of the year when none of the four major North American sports (basketball, baseball, football, and hockey) had an event scheduled. On July 21, 2005, the Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified by the NHLPA, and the owners approved it the following day to officially end the lockout.

As a result of the lockout, the NHL alienated its fans. In order to make it up to them, the league implemented several rule changes to make the game more exciting for fans by increasing entertainment value and promoting scoring. Among the rule changes were an increase in the size of each team’s offensive zone, smaller equipment for goaltenders, and the elimination of tie games. Under the new rule, tie scores are settled with a five-minute, four-on-four, sudden-death overtime period followed by a one-on-one shootout until a winner is determined. Both the players and coaches were also made more accessible to the fans by the addition of microphones during telecasts. As part of an integrated marketing initiative, the NHL looked to a re-branding effort to recreate the league’s brand and image, while reviving the sport of hockey in the United States.


The NHL hired four separate outside agencies to handle its re-branding efforts. Conductor, a branding and entertainment marketing firm, was the lead agency in the campaign. CarryOn Communications, a public relations agency, was responsible for managing the brand and consumer public relations efforts. PHD, a media planning and buying group, was responsible for conducting general media services. Rogers & Cowan, an entertainment public relations agency, was responsible for handling entertainment public relations opportunities. This case study focuses on the efforts of the lead agency involved in the campaign, Conductor Entertainment.

Conductor developed the “My NHL” campaign, which featured the game of hockey as a battle with the players in warrior roles. The company did this primarily through print and television advertisements, which were able to be customized for each of the 30 teams, as well as used for the league as a whole. Conductor developed a five-part series of 30 second advertisements, which were designed to play both individually and back-to-back as a short film. The commercials told the story of the hockey player, beginning with his pre-game preparations and continuing to the end of the game and victory. The segments were entitled It’s Time, It Begins, Battle, Victory, and Everyone’s Game. They incorporated Chinese proverbs about battle, will, and strength. Everyone’s Game, the final segment of the series, emphasized the importance of the fans to the game. The shorter advertisements were shown in arenas and on local television stations, while the full-length spot was shown in movie theaters with the trailers, on airlines, on the NHL’s website, on corporate partner websites, and in-retail television networks.

The concept of “My NHL” was a completely integrated marketing campaign. Each individual team incorporated the advertisements into its marketing efforts, splicing the commercials with video highlights. The “My NHL” slogan was also incorporated by each franchise, edited for the team. For example, the Ottawa Senators used “My Sens” as a slogan. The league conveyed this one central, unified message through print materials such as each team’s media guide cover.

The campaign was launched in September 2005, just before the start of the 2005-2006 season, through a premiere in New York (the location of the NHL league office) similar to that of a major Hollywood movie. Conductor and the NHL advertised the premiere event, creating buzz. Before the event, representatives from both the league and Conductor made appearances on major television networks such as E!, reaching out to the female fans. Players from the Tampa Bay Lightning, the defending Stanley Cup champions, attended the event to show their support for the campaign and “celebrate the return of hockey,” according to Commissioner Gary Bettman.


It is widely debated whether or not the “My NHL” campaign was a success. Conductor’s efforts attracted an extraordinary amount of local and national press coverage both in the United States and Canada, garnering mixed reviews. Coaches and players embraced the campaign. Brendan Shanahan, a player for the Detroit Red Wings said, “Wow, the warrior, that’s what I feel like” when shown the advertisements. Conductor and the NHL were praised by multiple publications for their efforts. Brandweek named the “My NHL” campaign “Best Attempt at Reincarnation” in its “Best and Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005.” The commercials won 17 Telly awards for excellence in film production in multiple categories.

The advertisements also caused controversy with some people deeming them “offensive” to women. Martha Burk, the National Council of Women’s Organizations chair who was known for staging an unsuccessful protest outside of the Augusta National golf club, called the advertisements “gratuitous” and stated that the woman in the locker room is a sex object. This ultimately attracted more media attention, though Burk’s claims were dismissed. The commercials were never pulled from the NHL website or NBC.

The league’s revenue goals were surpassed by $300 million, and NHL ticket sales reached record numbers. According to research in USA Today, attendance at games rose 4 percent from the 2003-2004 season, and arenas were filled to 91.1 percent capacity. Twenty-one of the NHL’s 30 teams showed increased attendance, with three teams showing the same attendance because they were selling out before the lockout.

However, national television ratings actually fell. This may be due largely to the lack of a deal with a major network. Prior to the lockout, the NHL had an exclusive deal with ESPN to broadcast games. After the lockout, however, ESPN did not renew the deal. The NHL turned to Outdoor Life Network (now Versus) to broadcast games. This switch made it difficult for the audience to watch games without an expensive sports package like DirecTV’s Center Ice.


allison said...
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allison said...

Allison Kershner

In 2006, Bernadetter Mansur, NHL Communications Executive, received the Public Relations Professional of the Year Award from PRSA. According to this article, ( Mansur used her pr skills to give the NHL a winning brand after the lock-out crisis. The “My NHL” campaign used non-traditional Web-based communications to target its audience. However, the success of the 2004-2005 campaign has not continued into the 2008 “Is This The Year?” campaign.

The “Is This The Year?” campaign has been criticized for not using the internet to its fullest potential. According to NHL Misses Net in New Campaign-Where's Social Media?, ( the campaign has only focused on television advertising and is missing out on a huge opportunity.

As cited in the article, there is nothing about the campaign on Youtube or on the NHL Facebook account. The NFL could improve its campaign by getting its public involved through online contests or digital marketing.

Social media is becoming increasingly important to the PR world as more people spend larger amounts of time on the internet. Using social networking tools in addition to television advertising could drastically increase the amount of people reached by the “Is This The Year?” NHL campaign.

Kelly McNulty said...

Kelly McNulty

After the lockout, I think it was smart of the "My NHL" campaign to make sure they included the fans, not only in order to get a profit after being gone a season, but to make the fans feel connected to the game again.

According to Dan Barnes on the NHL Fans Association Website in 2005, "My NHL" is designed to convince fans they occupy a position of power, that their passion and loyalty, which was tested beyond reasonable limits by the 301-day lockout, is "the life force that sustains hockey."

The article also spoke about how although the commercials and campaign itself wanted to let the fans know how important they were, other things like cutting ticket prices and allowing fans more access for players were important too.

The "My NHL" campaign seemed to be a success but did seem to be a hard act to follow since the "Is This the Year" campaign hasn't done as well. Although the NHL did a good job of getting their fans to return, they need to continue to see the fan base as an integral part of hockey.

PSU PR Student said...

Lauren Rothbardt

While television and print ads are important tools to utilize, not having any type of social media can be a big downfall. By not using social media the NHL missed out on a large population of people.

Also what I found interesting was that according to All Business, the director of the TV marketing campaign used to rebrand NHL was Samuel Bayer,
who won awards for direction and cinematography for Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" video at the MTV Video Music Awards. The video also won for video of the year, group video and rock video ( I find this interesting because it shows you who their target audience is and the way they went about attracting them.

Laura said...

I think the most interesting thing I got out of this blog post was the league and the NHLPA waited until July 13, 2005 to announce they made a deal when none of the major American sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) had an event scheduled. This was a smart move because fans of the NHL must have started to anticipate their favorite game starting up again after such a long time without the sport. They would be front page news at least in most sports news sections. They were trying to get the most media coverage by announcing on a day with few sports news stories. I Google searched “July 13, 2005 NHL news stories” and got 117,000 hits back. I would say that was a media blitz by the NHL and a successful one at that.

The campaign of the “MY NHL” commercial spots are over-the-top with drama and seem silly to me not being a hockey fan. I think they resonated with fans of the sport since game attendance increased for many teams. Branding the league after such a long strike was important and the league recognized that my getting a top-notch company to work on this rebranding effort. I looked at Conductor’s Web site and they have some impressive clients including Unilever’s Axe, which I thought was interesting and if you read what the company did for Axe it was online comedic videos about seduction. None of that is relevant expect that it was on the web. Lauren commented that she thought social media was missing from the execution of this campaign and I would have to agree. Conductor’s website acknowledged that young women play a surprisingly important role in the NHL’s fan base and young people use the Internet so why shouldn’t the NHL.

PSU PR Student said...

Brandon Bernola

As a hockey fan I was very upset when this happened. I actually thought this could ever happen but I guess I was just being naïve. I understand that every sport has some level of drama in them when it comes to money, but to cancel an entire season is just crazy. It sounds like both sides were trying but they just couldn’t see eye to eye.

I like the “My NHL” campaign approach and I think, overall, it was successful. An article on reported that for the first time since the 2004-05 lockout, the NHL has increased both its attendance and ratings at the midpoint of a season. Through 628 games, average reported attendance is up 1.5 percent from 2007-08. Therefore, just being in the news must have brought attention to the sport. After all, this is no such thing as bad publicity.

I also liked how they changed the rules of the game a little bit. I think more sports should do this. Hockey is almost 100 years old and they did not have the technology to perform the amazing tasks that hockey players can today. The only thing I had a question about was the elimination of a tie. I’m pretty sure that teams can still tie. A shootout starts with 3 players for each team and if no winner is decided I think they stretch it to 5 or 7 rounds then if there is still no winner it is called a tie, except in playoff. I think that’s the rule but I may be wrong.

Olivia said...

I think that this lockout was really a great pr opportunity for the NHL. Although I was not familiar with the campaign or the situation, I feel that it should have been a worthy opportunity for the NHL to renew its image as an organization. I think the idea for the commercials were clever, but solely spoke to the fans of hockey. This could have been a perfect opportunity for the NHL to introduce its new “self” to a whole new public. To me, the campaign clearly spoke to male hockey fans. According to the National Hockey League Fans Association website, “’My NHL’ is designed to convince fans they occupy a position of power, that their passion and loyalty, which was tested beyond reasonable limits by the 301-day lockout, is ‘the life force that sustains hockey.’” The whole idea of the warrior theme definitely brings a sense of unity and power to the fans and players but to other people unfamiliar with the sport I think it just seems a bit dramatic and directed towards men. It was a good idea to direct the messages to different areas, including E! to target women, but if the message is not designed for a particular audience it really is a waste of time to direct to them. I think it was smart to hold an event similar to a movie premiere for the campaign. It definitely helped gain media attention and publicity for the NHL and its new messages. While, I don’t think I was in love with the campaign, the numbers are enough to show that it was successful in my opinion. The revenue goals of the league surpassed 300 million and there was a obvious increase in attendance at games for the league as a whole and for teams individually. It would be interesting to find out whether those that were responsible for this increase in attendance were avid hockey fans or new fans interested in hockey, possibly from the campaign. I definitely think the NHL should have put money or time into securing a deal with a major network. Because, if people have to buy additional services to watch the games, it is not surprising that TV ratings dropped. Unless, people are extremely interested in the games, people will not be putting out extra money to watch them. Again, if the NHL wanted to increase their fan base they would have focused on placing their games on networks where more people could watch without paying extra money.
Overall I think it was a good campaign as far as NHL fans go, but I do think the campaign could have reached out to a wider array of people.

Sara Oxfeld said...

Sara Oxfeld

As a hockey fan I was personally affected by the NHL Lockout as were many hockey fans. While I agree with the efforts of the My NHL campaign, I also agree that there should have been a social component of the campaign.

For example, by creating a viral marketing campaign fans can feel connected in a more personal way by spreading the campaign through YouTube.

According to an article on March 17, 2009, "Paul Kelly, the executive director of the NHLPA, confirmed yesterday that the union estimates the league's 700 players will have to give back about 13 per cent of this year's salaries to the owners because revenues are not expected to match projections made at the beginning of the season. The payments will come out of the escrow money deducted from players' salaries over the season.
This will be the largest escrow payback since the system was introduced as part of the salary cap following the 2004-05 lockout. The only other time players had to give escrow money to the owners was following the 2006-07 season when they were assessed 2.5 per cent of their salaries."

This paycut is in conjunction with our economies troubles. As a fan, I don't mind seeing paycuts however i would like to feel more appreciated as a season ticket holder.

Christi Pluta said...

I think the "My NHL" campaign was a great idea. It was smart to go through various aspects of the marketing, including print, television commercials and movie advertisements. I was wondering how much money was put into this campaign? Did it affect their revenue for the upcoming season? I know that their revenue passed 300 million and their attendance at their games increased by 4 percent as well. Does this revenue include costs for advertisements? Also, now being on the versus network, have the ratings continued to slump or are they remaining the same?

I think that involving the fans in this process was very important. I really liked the way they changed the game for more excitement AND included this in their advertisements as well. Was there any direct feedback or interviews about how their fans reacted?

Although the NHL is with the versus network. I think they should continue to work at the process to eventually try to be with ESPN again. ESPN is so well known and established that I believe it is important for them to make this a priority if they want to increase.

PSU PR Student said...

Brian Heenan

I personally am not a huge hockey fan. Come playoff time in April, I'll certainly watch a few games but I don't watch much during the regular season. But even "non-fan fans" like myself were angered at the lockout. And while football may be the most popular sport in America, the small facet of hockey fans are said to be much more passionate and dedicated. And they were outraged as news of the lockout broke, rightfully so.

Fans are what keep sports franchises afloat. If we didn't pay for tickets, apparel, parking and concessions, none of these leagues would even exist. So I admired the NHL for the "My NHL" campaign and was very impressed with the approach they took in rebuilding their fan base. For fans to go an entire year without the sport they love, the NHL faced a great challenge in gaining back the trust and passion of their beloved fans. It seems that the "Is this the year" campaign hasn't caught on as well. And that is a shame because the NHL really could have piggybacked off of the "My NHL" campaign. I agree that the lack of a social media presence has hurt the campaign tremendously. If John McCain can twitter about AIG, why can't the NHL twitter about hockey and their fan base?

Katherine said...

Katherine Matz

I am curious as to if the large attendance at hockey games after the lockout was really a result of the marketing campaign or if hockey is just generally a popular sport. According to the case study, “21 of the NHL’s 30 teams showed increased attendance, with three teams showing the same attendance because they were selling out before the lockout.” While many teams did increase attendance, some of them already had a large attendance and even already sold out before the lockout. I think maybe attendance rose due to the lack of the sport the previous year. Since many excited fans hadn’t been able to see hockey in over a year, it might have been an incentive to get as much as they could the next year. In my opinion, the “My NHL” campaign did a good job of branding the league, but I think it didn’t do as much as it seemed for the marketing side. Was there any research on fan opinion of the league during and after the lockout? The league already had a large fan base, and it is my impression that they were already more excited after a lockout to get the game back and did not have a negative perception of the league.

I feel that to increase marketing efforts in the future, it would be smart to use more social media campaigns which are becoming increasingly popular. The NHL is relying heavily on television advertising, but the games aren’t even available on public stations.

PSU PR Student said...

Melanie Loomis

Conductor’s efforts to bring back the game of hockey to its fans in September 2005 was more than acceptable to women and should not be seen as sexist. When looking at the YouTube clip of an early “My NHL” advertisement,, one sees not only commodore at its finest but also the sheer excitement of the sport brought back to life after a non-existent prior season due to a strike.

The fact that the original slogan, “My NHL”, was allowed to be transformed into each participating teams means for gaining fans back is what really amounted to the success of the campaign. It not only united prior fans to their favorite team but the hockey league as a whole.

If one does see some of the ads as using women for sex, one must also focus on the target audience of Conductor and the NHL. A majority of the fans are male and is a marketing strategy that has been around for decades. It would be stupid not to use it at the time because of the desperation of reviving a great American past time.

Michael said...

People still watch hockey? I must *really* be out of the loop. To be completely honest, I wasn't even aware that there was a lockout several years back.

When searching for feedback on the "My NHL" campaign, I did notice one trend. Several blogs of people claiming to be "hardcore" fans were disappointed with how unrealistic or slow paced the ads were. On one blog (, the author mentions that the "My NHL" ads are meant for casual fans. The author then suggests that that's alright, but that the hardcore, loyal fans may be alienated, writing: "Fair enough. But tell me, what happens when you try to market to new customers in such a way that you seem to be deliberately antagonizing your most loyal customers?"

I have absolutely nothing invested in hockey, so maybe I'll shape my rebuttle to this in the form of something that I do enjoy:

If my favorite band, for the sake of this post let's say Muse, decided to come out with commercials or a music video aimed at casual fans or people who simply like rock or alternative music, would I really care? No. It's not like they're releasing an entire *album* of "casual" music. A loyal fan would see through the commercials/video and continue to appreciate the band for the music they produce. "Selling out" isn't really selling out if the music's quality remains the same.

I think that people who call themselves "hardcore" or "loyal" who find these ads to be offensive and alienating need to re-evaluate what makes them hardcore and loyal. Although the game changed a little, it's not like it shifted into what they were complaining about.

Jess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess said...

Just to clear up any confusion, no, Brandon, games do not end in ties anymore. If there is no winner determined after 3 rounds of the shootout, it continues until one team scores and the other doesn't. But the shootout isn't used at all during the playoffs. Teams play sudden-death overtime until there is a winner.

PSU PR Student said...

Shin Yoshida

To start off, I am not a huge hockey fan. However, one thing that’s common in every sport is that loyal fan brings life to the team and its league. In other words, without the support of fans, any sports team or league can plunge easily down to the earth. Overall, the campaign had a good purpose – to convince fans they could occupy a position of power- to against the 301 day lockout.

As a PR practitioner, I feel that is what the “My NHL” lacked. When they came up with all the media advertisement, it is questionable whether they made a firm research on their target audience. Like many other people suggested, the use of social media sites are essential to achieve wide publicity. If majority of the target audience for instance, were either high school students, an advertisement in the or facebook might have affected their publicity.

Lastly, the TV ad of NHL athletes as warrior needed more effort to stand in women’s point of view. For example, NHL spokesperson Bernadette Mansur commented to the opposition of Martha Burk as following, "We're surprised that Ms. Burk would come to that interpretation. This ad is very respectful of women. The woman is a spiritual and physical trainer for the warrior, and his mentor." This clearly indicates that the campaign needed a strong research among the primary and secondary audience. The secondary audience, the family of loyal hockey fans including wife and daughters, are still a strong source to achieve the publicity.

Ellen said...

I think that it is interesting that, while I remember the lock-out clearly, I have no recollection of the "My NHL" campaign. I watched several of the ads on and do not recognize any of them. While I may not be a member of the campaign's target audience, you would think that if it was really as far-reaching as described, I would remember, at least, a slogan.

Nevertheless, the campaign seems quite successful according to the numbers cited in the case study. The public relations team faced an interesting challenge and really prevailed. Sporting events may be watched, without cost, on TV. Increasing attendance at games requires getting people to care enough to spend money, sometimes quite a bit, on something that they can essentially get for free.

I really liked that the campaign decided to target existing fans. I think that this, in the long run, will keep those fans around longer. I think the campaign created the feeling that "the game appreciates you as much as you appreciate the game" (especially after a season-long lock-out). Hockey, the game, needs your support.

Some class members feel that more use of social media would have benefited the campaign. I don't think that, to target their primary audience, a social media component was necessary. Two years ago, the entire world was not on Youtube or Facebook, and I think a TV campaign was sufficient. However, I do think that if they wanted to attract new fans, adding such a component would have been extremely effective.

Also, I watched the warrior advertisement and think that it is absurd to think that the campaign was sexist. Every ad that targets men primarily is not sexist. It is just not targeting women.

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